Other Visual Artists of the Time of Duchamp:

Francis Picabia (1879-1953)
Duchamp was a part of the Puteaux Group which he worked along many other artists such as Francis Picabia, Guillaume Apollinaire,
Albert Gleizes, Roger de La Fresnaye, Fernand L├ęger and Jean Metzinger. They met in the studio of Jacques Villon in Puteaux.
Francis Picabia met and became close friends with Duchamp from this group. Picabia was a cubist who traveled from Paris to
New York City where he was a part of the avant-garde movement pushing modern art in America. He became a cubist artist and
got a solo exhibit in gallery 291. He continued to [[#|work]] in the Data movement in Paris before turning to surrealism as his new interest.
He had many of the similar interests as Duchamp which led to their similar styles of art. These reasons are what drew them together
in each others live.

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Beatrice Wood (1893-1998)
Duchamp was not just part of other artists for their art...like Beatrice Wood. She was born in San Francisco California but moved to
Paris France. World War two forced her to return to the US but she preformed with French Repertory Company in New York.
Duchamp came into her life when writing "The Blind Man" magazine for Dada art in New York. At the same time she met her first
love Henri-Pierri Roche. These three spend lots of time together which eventually created a love triangle among them. A
relationship between Wood's and Duchamp grew. A film was written called Jules et Jim that touched on the lives together of these
people. She later met a Walter and Louise Arensberg who held meetings for artist, writers and poets for intellectual discussion.
She became even closer to all the members of this and then associated herself with the avant-grande movement in the early 20th
century. She earned the name "Mama of Dada" for all her work with the movement. So not much of her work with art involved
Duchamp but their similar interests drew them together in more ways than one. This love triangle is mentioned in a few films and
some novels making it very possible that her and Duchamp had a real close relationship and influenced each others live.
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Man Ray(1890-1976)
Was an American modernist how spent most of his life in Paris France. He was extremely involved with Dada and surrealism movements
and he also took the photography for the avant-grand movement. He was a part of many different mediums but he considered himself a
painter most of all. In New York he was known most for his cubism, at this time he also became close friends with Duchamp. A little
later he completely abandoned his work with conventional art and turned all his focus to Dada and anti radical art. Like Duchamp he
did some art with readymade objects. His most popular art was a readymade using a flatiron. One of the most famous things him
and Duchamp did together was the first kinetic energy art piece called "Rotary Glass Plates". The last time he and Duchamp
worked together was publishing one issue of New York Dada. It did not last so it was the one and only issue made by him.
After this he moved back to Paris he worked really hard with on his surrealism medium. This is where he spent the rest of his
[[#|career]] and the last he involved himself with Duchamp. These two artists worked together for many years in many different ways
and they had a real impact on how art involved through this time. They were together through some of the most important times
of each others career.

Man Ray
Man Ray

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