Assignment Description
PURPOSE : To understand Duchamp’s role in transforming the state of the arts for the 20th and 21st Centuries.
PRODUCT : A web page that explores one aspect of Duchamp’s past, his art, influence and the historical context which surrounds his work.
These ten topics will work together to create a comprehensive class analysis of Duchamp.

STEP 1 : Join a group of 3-4 students and select one of ten topics. First come - first choice.
  • Biography of Duchamp - life stages, family background, education – who, what, when, why?
  • The Social – Political – Economic Period when he worked - events, movements, changes.
  • The Other Visual Artists – in Duchamp’s Time – Who? What?
  • Contemporaries in Other Art Forms that Duchamp might be responding to or shares similarities to – authors, composers, etc.
  • Duchamp’s Paintings – types, names, methods
  • DADAism - who, what, when, why? Connection to Duchamp.
  • “Fountain” and Other Ready-Mades – description, types, motives, methods.
  • Reactions to “Fountain” both in 1917 and currently – public, critics, fellow artists, etc.
  • Duchamp’s Influences on Modern Art – a general discussion of his innovations and the influence it had on art movements and individual artists that came later. Give concrete examples.
  • Duchamp & Conceptual Artists – An examination of conceptual art as a movement, its primary artists, and the influence that Duchamp had on them.
STEP 2 : Research your topic through books as well as the internet. Please be thorough and make sure that you are careful to evaluate your sources. Don’t rely on Wikipedia as your primary source! This will take time to find the proper information and for you to develop understanding of the topic. Don’t wait until the last minute, or rely on the first bit of information that you find. Remember to write down the bibliographic information for every source that you find. You will need this later!

Each individual student will bring two kinds of research with them to class on the work day.
1. General research on Duchamp: who is he, what did he invent, why and how has it been important to the world of art. This will be checked and turned in to the teacher on the work day.
2. Specific research about your group topic. You will want to save this in digital form for use when you make the web page, but for the work day you will need printed copies of text and images that might be useful for the final project. You will be sharing your research with your group, planning on what to do for your web page, and deciding what further research you need to do in order to be prepared to create the final page.

STEP 3 : Create the web page ! We will be meeting in the computer lab for one day. This is all the time that you will have to finish this, so you MUST come to class with all of your information prepared, knowing what your page will consist of. Class time should be spent putting together the web page, NOT researching.

Points to Consider when making the page :
· Page should contain:
1. Title of your topic and the student’s names
2. Textual information that explains and gives the necessary background of your subject. You can quote other sources, as long as you source your information. You will need to also have your own explanation throughout the page. Be thorough and make sure that someone who doesn’t know anything about your subject leaves your page with a clearer understanding of it. Remember to cite each quote and idea with its source!
3. Concrete examples that illustrate and support your ideas.
4. Images that provide examples of your ideas Make sure that they are well chosen and add to the information that you are presenting.
5.A Bibliography of all sources that you used in producing your site.
· You will be producing working with a wiki to create this assignment. There will be 10 separate topics within the wiki.
· The wiki will contain one page per topic. Your group is responsible for developing your page.
· Work should be evenly divided and everyone should do their part, although students may take on different kinds of roles in producing the final page.
· You only have one day, so come prepared!!!

STEP 4 : When the project is completed, you will fill out self-evaluation form. On the due date turn in all individual and group research and notesB, along with your self-evaluation . All documents should be labeled and organized. I should have a clear idea from the documents, notes evaluations the amount of work done in preparation for the web page, as well as who did what in the process.